Hometown Advocacy

Resources for Association local volunteer leaders and staff sharing our Advocacy priorities and accomplishments,and recruiting and engaging new advocates in your community.

Advocacy Goals of the Association

  • Increase federal and state funding for diabetes research and programs
  • 预防必威体育亚州最佳体育平台糖尿病
  • Improve the availability of accessible,adequate and affordable health care
  • 在学校消除对糖尿病患者的歧视,work,以及他们生活中的其他地方
  • In all areas,目前正在致力于消除健康差距。

Including Advocacy at Local 必威体育亚州最佳体育平台Events and Programs

Easy Advocacy Checklists for Association 必威体育亚州最佳体育平台Events

这些单页的活动清单旨在为当地志必威体育亚州最佳体育平台愿者和工作人员提供一个快速指南,用于规划如何包括宣传信息,materials and engagement activities at Association 必威体育亚州最佳体育平台events and programs.每个检查表包括基本和高级实践建议,以及有关订购材料和进行物流安排的时间表信息。

Messaging Tools

营销工具,宣传故事,and key message documents that you can use to show your 必威体育亚州最佳体育平台event participants how advocacy delivers on our mission,and improves the lives of people living with and at risk for diabetes.Watching our"case for support"视频是一个学习糖尿病宣传重要性的好地方:


Our Legal Advocacy Department receives approximately 200 calls each month from people who have diabetes and have been treated unfairly (diabetes discrimination).我们知道更多的人受到影响,但不知道糖尿病歧视和美国糖尿病协会如何帮助。BetwayTo help increase awareness—when you have the opportunity to speak about this topic—we have developed"Know Your Rights"资源。它们有三种,short lengths—created to fit the various opportunities you will have at meetings,conferences and 必威体育亚州最佳体育平台events.

Check out advocacy messaging tools now.

如果你对使用这些资源有疑问,或者想了解更多关于如何谈论糖尿病歧视的信息,please call us at 1-800-DIABETES (800-342-2383) or send an email toaskada@www.zyzxbj.com网站.

Recruiting Advocates

Materials for building a stronger base of local advocacy support,including recruiting new grassroots advocates,and recruiting attorneys and health care professionals to advocate for people with diabetes through our Legal Advocacy Networks.

  • Petition Form: Federal Funding— For use at Association 必威体育亚州最佳体育平台events.Focus: Urge congress to expand funding for diabetes research and pr必威体育亚州最佳体育平台evention programs.
  • Petition Form: Safe at School— For use at Association 必威体育亚州最佳体育平台events.Focus: Urge elected officials that children with diabetes should be medically safe at school and have equal educational opportunity.
  • 申请表:健康差距— For use at Association 必威体育亚州最佳体育平台events: Focus: Support public policies to eliminate health disparities,improve access to diabetes pr必威体育亚州最佳体育平台evention and care,and improve diabetes research in minority populations.
  • 申请表:拉丁美洲健康差距(西班牙语)— For use at Association 必威体育亚州最佳体育平台events: Focus: Support public policies to eliminate health disparities,improve access to diabetes pr必威体育亚州最佳体育平台evention and care,改善拉丁美洲人口的糖尿病研究。这张表只有西班牙语。
  • 名片招聘工具谈话要点— This document gives instruction and information to assist you in the distribution of the new business card recruitment tool.This tool will enable us to expand our Legal Advocacy attorney and health care professional networks providing us with more of these professionals to assist with discrimination issues.


Communication and coordination with key advocacy players is essential in planning and implementing advocacy at Association 必威体育亚州最佳体育平台events.Information on reaching out to and forming your advocacy team,and tools for planning local strategy and activities.



Each year our local staff and volunteers are invitied to participate in live broadcast webinars on a variety of topics related to local advocacy outreach and engagement.这些网络研讨会的记录可以随时查看。

Check out training webinars for hometown advocates now.

Key Advocacy Handouts

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