Volunteer - Help Make a Difference

VolunteerAs a volunteer for the BetwayAmerican Diabetes Association®,你将加入数十万名志愿者,帮助扩大社区推广和影响,激发健康生活,加大宣传力度,筹集关键资金支持我们的使命。你会改变所有受糖尿病影响的人的生活。


  • You have a passion for the mission of the BetwayAmerican Diabetes Association必威体育亚州最佳体育平台—to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.
  • 你和糖尿病有着密切的联系,你想帮忙。
  • You want to meet new people and help those affected by diabetes.
  • You want to leverage your skills in a meaningful way.
  • 你想成为你所在社区的一员,supporting a worthy cause.


  • Support your local BetwayAmerican Diabetes Association Camp and experience one of the most magical moments in the lives of children living with diabetes or at risk for diabetes.
  • 从国会大厅到州议会和法院,听到你的声音!做一个拥护者。
  • Help raise urgently needed funds to support programs in your community and help find a cure.
  • 在当地的美国糖尿病协会办公室提供行政支持等。Betway
  • 成为社交媒体或在线社区的虚拟志愿者。Betway
  • “走出去阻止糖尿病”是协会的标志性筹款和宣传活动。必威体育亚州最佳体育平台走着去寻找治疗方法!!
  • 参加Tour De Cure®,a series of cycling 必威体育亚州最佳体育平台events across the country.Ride to create a life free of diabetes and all its burdens.
  • 参与外展活动,包括专业和患者教育活动,如美国糖尿病月。必威体育亚州最佳体育平台
  • 帮助提高对糖尿病及其并发症的认识,并在社区活动(如健康博览会)上提供资源。必威体育亚州最佳体育平台

我们有很多方法让您参与并支持我们的使命。We'll find something that fits your interests,激情,技能和时间表。

访问找到你当地的办公室to learn what is happening in your community and how you can get involved.